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close this bookCERES No. 070 - July - August 1979 (FAO Ceres, 1979, 50 p.)
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View the documentHow prevent aquaculture from becoming an elitist craft
View the documentLow-cost reefs improve fishing for Japanese
View the documentMussel farming tested as cheap protein source
View the documentFertilizer output tops 100 million tons but Third World use still low
View the documentTax, loan policies aid reforestation in Costa Rica
View the documentCocoa output in Latin America to rise sharply
View the documentGlobal campaign launched against goitre problem
View the documentHow manpower planning can help keep young people in the rural sector
View the documentMilk stockpiles likely to grow, prices to fall
View the documentNo upward movement for those at the bottom of the income ladder
View the documentNitrogen treatment is proposed to preserve grain
View the documentSuccess story: from nuisance to delicacy
View the documentMexico launching solar-powered model village
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View the documentThe new ocean regime : Winners and losers
View the documentFunding better fisheries
View the documentManaging our own
View the documentThe island that discovered the sea
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