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close this bookPromoting Organized Self-help through Co-operative Modes of Participation (HABITAT, 1984, 61 p.)
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1. Peter Warea., Self-Help Housing: A Critique (London, 1982).

2. Rod Burgess, "Petty commodity housing or dweller control? A critique of John Turner's views on housing policy", World Development, vol. VI, No. 9/10 (1978), pp. 1,105 - 1,133.

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4. The use of the term "marginal settlements" should be discouraged. It is grossly misleading, because the majority of urban inhabitants often live in unplanned and largely uncontrolled settlements.

5. The Workshop was jointly organized by the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements, the German Carl-Duisberg-Gesellschaft (COG) and the nongovernmental organization German Development Assistance Association for Social Housing (DESWOS).

6. The institutional support of ASAG to the flood-affected community is analysed under requirement 8.