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90. Get the best training for your organisation75

If your organisation does not have a training staff then management and workers will have to be trained by outside providers. A training programme is only as good as the trainer, therefore, be cautious and thorough in your selection. Below are some tips before choosing two types of outside providers.

Before sending staff to a training programme:

  • Get a detailed outline of the training content, time devoted to each topic, and methods of instruction.
  • Be confident in the trainer's expertise, prior organisational experience, and familiarity with the topic.
  • Be sure there is an evaluation system in which trainer's assess participants and participants assess the trainers and the programme.
  • Contact previous participants to ask them specific questions about the training programme.
  • Consider price and location.

Before bringing an outside trainer inside your organisation:

  • Consider the same tips as you would before sending staff to a training programme.
  • Be sure that the provider performs a training needs assessment so that they are familiar with the organisation.
  • Decide whether you want the provider's standard programme or a training designed to your specifications.
  • Decide whether the training programme needs to be delivered just once or repeated in the future.
  • Be sure that the provider follows up with an impact assessment of the training, a progress report of the participants' progress, and additional training if necessary.