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close this bookEnergy for Building - Improving Energy Efficiency in Construction and in the Production of Building Materials in Developing Countries (HABITAT, 1991, 118 p.)
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close this folderI. Introduction
View the document1.1 Buildings, energy and the environment
View the document1.2 The pollution consequences of energy use in building materials
View the document1.3 Life-cycle energy costing
close this folderII. Optimizing energy use in building-materials production
View the document2.1 Energy analysis
View the document2.2 Energy intensity in building materials manufacture
View the document2.3 Energy consumption in the production of cementitious binders
View the document2.4. Energy consumption in the manufacture of metals
View the document2.5 Energy consumption in brick and tile manufacture
View the document2.6 Energy consumption in the production of mineral materials - aggregates, stone and earth
View the document2.7 Energy consumption in the manufacture of glass
View the document2.8 Energy consumption in the production of concrete and concrete products
View the document2.9 Energy consumption in the production of vegetable material - timber, bamboo and thatch
View the document2.10 Scale, location and transport energy
View the document2.11 The scope for recycling
close this folderIII. The energy content of buildings and building components
View the document3.1 Introduction
View the document3.2 Walling materials
View the document3.3 Flooring and roofing materials
View the document3.4 Alternative cementitious binders
View the document3.5 Embodied energy in complete building systems
View the document3.6 Trade-offs between direct and indirect energy costs
View the document3.7 Design of buildings for recycling and reuse
close this folderIV. Strategies for optimizing energy use in the building fabric
View the document4.1 Strategies for producers of building materials
View the document4.2 Strategies for builders
View the document4.3 Strategies for designers
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