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close this bookResource Management for Upland Areas in Southeast Asia - An Information Kit (IIRR, 1995, 207 p.)
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close this folder1. Overview of upland issues and approaches
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close this folder2. Integrated upland systems management
View the documentGeneral systems overview
View the documentOverview of agroforestry systems in Southeast Asia
View the documentDesign and management considerations for agroforestry systems
View the documentIntegrating local tree species into family farms
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close this folder3. Soil and water conservation approaches
View the documentIntroduction to soil and water conservation approaches
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View the documentComposting
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View the documentParticipatory appraisal methods
View the documentIntegrated land-use planning in upland areas
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View the documentCollecting information on crops
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View the documentFarmer-led research and extension
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View the documentUsing farmers' quarterly meetings for sharing and extension
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View the documentImpact evaluation of agroforestry programs
View the documentFinancial indicators as a decision-making tool
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Participants and workshop staff


Ms. Kwanchewan Buadeng (Thailand)
Dr. Lope A. Calanog (Philippines)
Dr. Roberto V. Dalmacio (Philippines)
Alma Monica A. dela Paz (Philippines)
Dr. Narciso R. Deomampo (Thailand)
John Dixon (Thailand)
Antonius P.Y. Djogo (Indonesia)
Ines Vivian D. Domingo (Indonesia)
Patrick B. Durst (Thailand)
Riri Fithriadi (Indonesia)
Dr. James H. French (Indonesia)
Dr. Sunarya Hadiwisastra (Indonesia)
Helle Qwist-Hoffman (Thailand)
Peter Qwist-Hoffman (Thailand)
Nguyen Huu Hong (Vietnam)
Dr. Kennedy Igbokwe (Philippines)
Michael Jensen (Thailand)
Wu Jianjun (China)
Dr. Junus Kartasubrata (Indonesia)
Chun K. Lai (Indonesia)
Teunchai Lakhaviwattanakul (Thailand)
Pearmsak Makarabhirom (Thailand)
Dr. Stanley C. Malab (Philippines)
Cai Mantang (China)
Dr. Evelyn Mathias (Philippines)
Nguyen Ba Ngai (Vietnam)
Bui Ngoc Quang (Vietnam)
Dr. Hamish Richards (United Kingdom)
Dr. Walfredo Raquel Rola (Philippines)
Prem Sharma (Nepal)
Bishan Singh (Philippines)
Dr. Naik Sinukaban (Indonesia)
Mike Stainburn (Philippines)
Nguyen Van So (Vietnam)
Dr. Yoyo Sulaiman (Indonesia)
Esther Velasco (Philippines)
Tran Duc Vien (Vietnam)
Balthazar Wayi (Papua New Guinea)
Zheng Wei (China)

David Abbass
Lyn Capistrano-Doren
Scott Killough
Ray Montes
Dr. Paul Mundy (Workshop coordinator)
Jimmy Ronquillo (Scheduling)
Sheila Siar

Ric Cantada
Albert Contemprate
Arnold Gardon
Rannie Ramacula

Desktop publishing
Mamet Magno
Jel Montoya
Angie Poblete

Lhai Kasala
Angie Poblete

Thess Aquino
Carding Belenzo
Gerry Medina
Jel Montoya
Rollie Ramos

* Did not attend the workshop