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In previous lessons, students have seen how people can work to change their situation. Now your class can act as a group to become involved in working against hunger. While the action ideas at the end of each activity have contained many ideas for individual and group actions, they are oriented for out-of-class time. This lesson contains descriptions of class projects.

The activities in this lesson, unlike those in previous lessons, are long term. They therefore have no time limits. Each activity contains an activity description, objectives, and a procedure for getting started in class.


Brainstorming Ways to End Hunger begins by asking students to create a list of ways to work against hunger. In lesson 1, students brainstormed about the causes of hunger and created a web chart. Now, after an analysis of assumptions about hunger, they can brainstorm ways to end hunger.


Letting People Know How You Feel is a letter-writing activity in which each student (or small group) writes a letter to a public official, a business person, or a newspaper. The letters and responses are shared with the class.


Food and Hunger in Your Community gives students an opportunity to compile a booklet about food and hunger in their community.


Fighting Hunger in Your Community asks students to compile and distribute a notebook about programs and people fighting hunger in their community.


Teaching Others about Hunger is an outreach project in which students present information to others through public speaking, workshops, presentations, and exhibits.

You might want to collect student work and check it. Since the idea is to get students involved in projects, I suggest not grading the assignments.

Feel free to modify the activities as you see fit. For added ideas, see the Resource Guide at the end of the curriculum.


1. How can our class become involved in ending hunger?