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TOWARDS THE CONCLUSION of the workshop, the group made a statement about the future direction of the NGDO movement. It included points on accountability-driven organizational performance assessment and change management. NGDOs should take up the challenge of being catalysts and advocates among peers and other constituencies of the subjects.

The following action points were proposed by the assembly, as first efforts towards fulfilling these roles:

Confirmation of the group as an informal network

The attending participants signified their commitments to becoming an informal network whose primary objective was to share resources and exchange services in the pursuit of promoting excellence in performance and rational change management among NGDOs.

Case documentation

This involved the compilation and publication of the six cases presented in the workshop as well as soliciting new cases on organizational performance and change management from interested participants for future sharing.

Compilation of assessment frameworks and tools

It was the impression of many participants that there already exists a wealth of frameworks and tools that can be used for both institutional and program assessments. Along this line, it was decided that the best thing to do was to do an inventory of these tools and compile them into a resource book.

Identification and benchmarking of performance indicators

As above, it was felt that it would be a useless re-invention of the wheel if the group would embark on the identification of performance indicators and the setting of corresponding standards without surveying existing ones first. It was decided, therefore, that the compilation of existing institutional and program indicators would be the first step to achieving this target.

Capability-building on change management

Informally, the participants pledged to pursue activities that would enhance NGDO as well as PO capabilities on change management, whether on their own, or as a subgroup of some of the participating organizations to this workshop, or as the informal network confirmed in this workshop.

Advocacy to funding agencies

In view of the perceived need to engage donors into funding organizational assessment and change management activities, advocacy towards this end was particularly noted to be a major task of the informal network that was set-up.