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close this bookSoil and Water Conservation (SWC) Technologies and Agroforestry Systems (IIRR, 1992, 171 p.)
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View the documentWorkshop to revise
View the documentList of participants
View the documentCurrent program thrusts in Upland development
View the documentDegradation of the uplands
View the documentNutrient cycles in upland farms
View the documentEstablishing an swcsystem
View the documentFarm management practices that reinforce SWC
View the documentTraditional soil and water conservation (SWC) technologies
close this folderOptions for contour farming:
View the document1. Establishing Contour Lines
View the document2. Sloping Agricultural Land Technology (SALT-1)
View the document3. Rockwalls
View the document4. Vetiver for SWC
View the document5. Uses of Grasses in SWC
View the document6. Simple/Double Selection of Hedgerow Species
View the document7. Contour Canals
View the document8. Bench Terraces
View the documentLand management practices for improved water conservation
View the documentIn-row tillage
View the documentMaking an A-frame
View the documentControlling Cogon and Talahib
View the documentUse of derris as botanical pesticide
View the documentFire control in the uplands
View the documentCultural management of pest infestation
close this folderOrganic fertilizer sources:
View the document1. Basket Composting
View the document2. Fertilizer from Livestock and Farm Wastes
View the document3. Liquid Fertilizer from Leguminous Trees
View the document4. Use of Green Manures
View the documentBiofertilizers
View the documentSelection of cover crops
View the documentBatao in the upland. Cropping system
View the documentIncreasing the woody contents in leaf litter
close this folderExamples of indigenous agroforestry systems:
View the document1. Multistoried Sequential Cropping: The Cavite Model
View the document2. Home Garden: The Baguio Experience