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World Wind Campaign

“Wind Force 10” - a new report on how 10% of the world electricity supply could be provided from wind energy was released on October 5, 1999. The report is the result of a cooperation between Forum for Energy and Development (INFORSE Secretariat), Greenpeace International, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), BTM Consult in Denmark.


“Wind Force 10 - A Blueprint to Achieve 10% of the World’s Electricity from Wind Power by 2020”, 50 pages, ISBN 1 871532 248, 1999. Published by EWEA, FED, Greenpeace. The report is available from the INFORSE Secretariat (See address page No. 2).

Regional Wind Campaigns

Following the ‘10% World Wind Campaign’, INFORSE-Europe and INFORSE Latin America are launching regional wind campaigns. For Western Europe, the goal is to have 12% of the electricity demand covered by wind by 2020, while for Ukraine, the goal is 11%. For the other areas covered by the campaign, Russia and Cono Sur in Latin America, the goals are still to be decided. For each area, a report is made, with potentials for wind energy, proposed goal, and assessments of effects on economy, employment, and environment. Further, policy recommendations are made for the areas and as many concerned NGOs as possible are consulted. As a final kick-off for the campaigns, public presentations are made and plans are made for the campaigns in cooperation with concerned NGOs.

Contact to the Regional Wind Campaigns:

- INFORSE-Europe, att Gunnar B. Olesen, OVE, Gl Kirkevej 56, 8530 Hjortshenmark. Ph: +45-86227000, fax: +45-86227096, e-mail: or

- INFORSE Latin America, att. Roque Pedace REJIMA, Salguero 829 8”a” Buenos Aires 1177, Argentina. Ph: +54-1-8647845, fax: +54-1-9630722, e-mail:

Sustainable Energy to Combat Desertification