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Earth Day April 22, 2000

The celebration of the Earth Day started 30 years ago in the USA. Now, a large number of US NGOs plan to make ‘Earth Day 2000’ the largest environmental event so far. They have chosen sustainable energy as the central theme. They invite all NGOs to join the activities, and to hold their own local “Earth Day” activities, in April next year.

A number of INFORSE organisations will use the opportunity to raise public awareness of Sustainable energy.

The usual date of Earth Day is April 22, but many countries celebrate Easter on that day. The Earth Day Network proposes that Earth Day activities be held during the week preceding April 22, if that would be more convenient.

Information on INFORSE organisations’ Earth Day activities: contact the INFORSE Regional Coordinators, or see
More info: See at the Events’ List.

HELIO, a French-based international group of energy experts which is member of INFORSE, invites for cooperation on a Global Energy Observatory (GEO) for ‘Earth Day 2000’.

Sustainable Energy News readers are invited to volunteer to provide assessments of progress made by national energy policies in promoting sustainable and equitable development. A regional synthesis of the national assessments will then be made to facilitate the preparation of a world report to be issued for ‘Earth Day 2000’.

If you want to join this effort, please contact:
HELIO International, 56, rue de Passy,
Paris, 75016, France.
Ph: +33-1-4224-5148
Fax: +33-1-4224-8633,