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close this bookSevere Tropical Storms Preparation and Response - Case Study Text (DHA/UNDRO - DMTP - UNDP, 1991, 58 p.)
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close this folderPart One: Background Information
View the documentA. Introduction
View the documentB. Background Details - The Salaccan Republic
View the documentC. Emergency Preparedness History
View the documentD. Cyclone Preparedness: Proposed Actions in Response to Warning
close this folderPart Two: Disaster and Response
View the documentE. Detection and Warning of the Storm
View the documentF. Characteristics of the Threatened Area
View the documentG. Actions at the Provincial and Local Level in Response to Warning
View the documentH. Primary Impact
View the documentI. Secondary Effects
View the documentJ. Shortcomings in Management of the Response
close this folderPart Three: Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
View the documentK. Rehabilitation and reconstruction activities
View the documentL. Weaknesses in Early Rehabilitation
View the documentM. Implications for development
View the documentN. Lessons Learned: Programmes Contributing Positively to Preparedness
View the documentO. Subsequent mitigation projects initiated as a consequence of the disaster
close this folderPart Four: The Role of the United Nations
View the documentP. The Role of UNDP and UNDRO Before, During, and After the Disaster
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This case study contains material drawn from the author’s own experiences and from a range of reports and papers by other researchers and field operations specialists. It also draws on background papers prepared by UNDP, UNDRO, the World Bank, OFDA, ADPC, and the OAS, and consultant studies by Intertect. Discussions with a number of individuals highlighted several of the issues included here; thanks are particularly due to Yasemin Aysan and Robert Southern.