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Dear readers,

Hopefully you were surprised when you opened this edition of gate. Some significant changes have taken place: The format has grown and the colour has switched. The new, standardised format saves costs at the printshop, reduces the amount of waste, and the colour now tunes in with our company's corporate design. Cosmetic changes, you may say, but there's more to it than a face lift.

You may have noticed that we have chosen to change our sub-title to "Technology and Development". Why? After so many years of general debate on development, we feel the time has come to acknowledge the role of technology more categorically. Agenda 21, the main document which evolved out of the UN Conference on Environment and Development, the Rio Summit, stipulates the need for access to technologies and information on technology to face the challenges of sustainable development. Later this year, on the occasion of the "Rio Five Years Later Summit", the delegates will draw a balance of achievements to date. In providing information on relevant technologies for our readers we are responding to the mandate of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

This magazine will continue to cover appropriate technology. Appropriate not because some authority declares it as appropriate (implying that other technology options are inappropriate), but because the users - in the South and the North - have appropriated the technology successfully for their purposes. We will continue to keep you informed, impartially, about successful appropriate technologies or potentially successful ones, which you can further investigate or even choose for your own use.

Ensuring the continued quality of this magazine is our prime service to our readers. Our new layout is visible, unlike our new team of journalists; you'll only notice their work if it should ever not be up to scratch. After five years of dedicated efforts, Barbel R and Peter Bosse-Brekenfeld have taken up new challenges. We now welcome two highly committed journalists, Mike Gardner and Norbert Glaser, who have started off their work with this new layout.

Reinhard Woytek, Project Manager (ISAT, BASIN, KPF)

- gate stands for German Appropriate Technology Exchange and was founded in 1978 as a special division in the government-owned Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), German Agency for Technical Co-operation.

- gate defines "appropriate technologies" as those which appear particularly apposite in the light of economic, social and cultural criteria. They should contribute to socioeconomic development whilst ensuring optimal utilization of resources and minimal detriment to the environment. Depending on the case at hand a traditional intermediate or highly-developed technology can be the "appropriate" one.

- gate offers a free information service on appropriate technologies for all public and private development institutions in developing countries.

- gate is provided by the

· Information and Advisory Service on Appropriate Technology (ISAT) and the

· Building Advisory Service and Information Network (BASIN). These two projects are enhanced by the

· Small-scale Project Fund (KPF) which aims to support pilot solutions.

Imprint gate 1/97 March 1997 Publisher: gate in Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), GmbH Post Box 5180 D-65726 Eschborn Federal Republic of Germany Telephone: +49 6196/79-0 Fax:+49 6196/79 73 52 Email: GATE-ISAT @GTZ.DE Internet:

Roland Seifert

Michael Gardner
Norbert Glaser
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Peter Fer

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