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Thank You to So Many People

An amazing number of people helped to produce this manual.

We are proud to be team members with the AIDS Division of the Ministry of Public Health. They deserve a gold medal for the time spent reviewing the manual and making important suggestions.

A gold medal is due also to the Peace Corps Staff for guidance, for supporting the value of this project, and for sharing technical skill. Special thanks to Khun Pimsuda Tiandum and Ms.Kathy Judd, Health Program Managers, and to Khun Sumalee Hirunpanich, who did all the computer input and graphic design.

We give ongoing thanks to all the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who have responded to our quest for information and materials, and who have supported us in many ways.

Special thanks to all the Peace Corps Volunteers who thoughtfully critiqued the draft manual, and thanks to all of you who are trying to help others understand about AIDS and who act as role models.

Most especially, we thank our wonderful Thai co-workers who were and are the backbone of AIDS education in Thailand.

Thank you all.
The AIDS Volunteers
Peace Corps, Thailand
June 1992

Jo Young
Denise Moos
Barbara Methvin
Mark McMillan
Kent Klindera
Karla Imbus
Jenny Goedken
Greg Carl
Everett Briggs