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close this bookCaring with Confidence - Practical information for health workers who prevent and treat HIV infection in children (AHRTAG, 1997, 60 p.)
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This briefing paper was compiled by Kathy Attawell, consultant, and designed by Ingrid Emsden, AHRTAG Design and Production Officer.

AHRTAG would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for their contribution to this publication: Dr Mazuwa Banda, Dr Simon Mphuka, Karen Sichinga and Catherine Shawa of the Churches Medical Association of Zambia for hosting a workshop on young children and HIV which helped to identify information needs and provide a framework for the development of the briefing paper; Dr Geoff Foster and Dr Connie Osborne who were facilitators at the workshop and provided suggestions for the briefing paper; participants at the workshop who shared experiences and information; Coral Jepson and Jackie Hoskins of AHRTAG's Child Health Programme and SiLong and Chris Castle of AHRTAG's AIDS and Sexual Health Programme who provided background material and suggestions.

Additional technical information and review has been provided by Harry Campbell (UK), Charles Gilks (UK), Eric Mercier (UNICEF), Angus Nicoll (UK), Eric van Praag (WHO), Felicity Savage (WHO), Sam Kalibala (UNAIDS), Mark Connolly (UNAIDS), David Robinson (WHO), Joanne Manchester (UK), and Jean Emmanuel (WHO).

This briefing paper has been produced as a contribution to the 1997 World AIDS Campaign with the theme 'Children Living in a World with AIDS'. The purpose of the publication is to increase awareness of the issues being faced by children and families affected by the HIV epidemic. Publication and distribution of this briefing paper has been funded by the Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA) and UNAIDS, with additional financial support from the Department of International Development Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland, the European Union, and HIVOS (the Netherlands).