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close this bookNGO Responses to HIV/AIDS In Asia (UNDP, 1992)
close this folderFACILITATORS' NOTES: COMMERCIAL BLOOD DONORS AND AIDS PREVENTION - SIRMCE and the Gujarat AIDS Prevention Unit, Ahmedabad
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View the documentDiscussion Question 1: What do you think - were the most important factors that led to the implementation of the Gujarat AIDS Prevention Unit? It might be helpful to consider this question by thinking of: (a) factors relating to SIRMCE as an organisation; (b) factors relating to the problems the project was planning to address; and (c) factors relating to potential support for the project.
View the documentDiscussion Question 2: What were the important steps that the project designers took to gain the trust and confidence of those involved in the city's Mood collection industry? What impact did this have on the success of the project?
View the documentDiscussion Question 3: What strategies might have helped the GAP Unit to avoid the situation that they were in with regard to funding and the continuation of the project activities?
View the documentDiscussion Question 4: What do you see as the major strengths that the GAP Unit could offer in relation to HIV/AIDS projects and programmes in India? What suggestions could you make to Dr Bhattacharya as she considers the GAP'S future activities?