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close this bookThe Impact of Chaos on Science and Society (UNU, 1997, 394 p.)
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View the document1. Chaotic dynamics
View the document2. Chaos and politics: Applications of nonlinear dynamics to socio-political issues
View the document3. Is the EEG a strange attractor? Brain stem neuronal discharge patterns and electroencephalographic rhythms
View the document4. The impact of chaos on mathematics
View the document5. Chaos in neural networks
View the document6. The impact of chaos on physics
View the document7. Chaos and physics
View the document8. Irreversibility and quantum chaos
View the document9. Impact of high-dimensional chaos: A further step towards dynamical complexity
View the document10. The impact of chaos on biology: Promising directions for research
View the document11. Dynamical disease - The impact of nonlinear dynamics and chaos on cardiology and medicine
View the document12. The impact of chaos on meteorology
View the document13. The concept of chaos in the problem of earthquake prediction
View the document14. The impact of chaos on engineering
View the document15. The impact of chaos on economic theory
View the document16. Chaos in society: Reflections on the impact of chaos theory on sociology
View the document17. Strange attractors and the origin of chaos
View the documentPanel discussion: The impact of chaos on science and society
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