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In a world increasingly shaped by science and technology, scientific and technological literacy is a universal requirement if people are not to be alienated in some degree from the society in which they live, and if they are not to be overwhelmed and demoralized by change... it is vital to improve scientific and technological literacy among women and girls, whose unique educational function within the family makes them such a major determinant of the attitudes of present and future generations.... We need, through educational means of all kinds, formal and non-formal, to bung about a much more thorough infusion of scientific and technological culture into society. Only in this way shall we succeed in creating the continuum, the virtuous circle encompassing the establishment of a broad educational base in science and technology, enhanced capacity to cope with change and to pursue development goals, scientifically informed decision-making, and finally completing the circle - expanding investment in human development....

1 Federico Mayor, Director-Ge7leral, UNESCO.

There is probably no factor that marks the change in the nature of modern society more than the pervasiveness of science and technology. It is therefore important to understand that basic education must prepare generations of young people equipped to confront the problems posed by the advance of science and technology, and able to recognize which applications are likely to be beneficial and which are potentially harmful. This topic examines the contributions which teachers can make in the fields of science, technology and mathematics education to prepare their pupils to meet these challenges.