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PROSPECTS, vol. XXX, no. 2, June 2000
(Issue Number 114)


quarterly review of comparative education

Editorial by Juan Carlos Tedesco


A renewed sense for the purposes of schooling: the challenges of education and social cohesion in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and Central Asia Stephen P. Heynemann and Sanja Todoric-Bebic


The paradoxical profession: teaching at the turn of the century Andy Hargreaves and Leslie N.K.Lo

The principled professional Ivor F. Goodson

Strategic intentions for professionals in world-class schools Brian J. Caldwell

Professionals and parents: personal adversaries or public allies Andy Hargreaves

When teaching changes, can teacher education be far behind? Miriam Ben-Peretz

Professional development in the United States: policies and practices Ann Liebermann and Milbrey McLaughlin

Educational reform and teacher development in Hong Kong and on the Chinese mainland Leslie N.K. Lo

From agents of reform to subjects of change: the teaching crossroads in Latin America Rosa MarTorres