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close this bookManufacture of Ceilings - Course: Timberwork techniques. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 22 p.)
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9. Flooring Sleepers

If a solid ceiling is to be provided with batten floor as top ceiling, flooring sleepers are required for fixing the battens.

Figure 14

Flooring sleepers on solid ceiling

1 brickwork with metre mark, 2 door opening, 3 stove foundation, 4 flooring sleeper, 5 packing at the bottom (substructure), 6 barrier cardboard

The flooring sleepers take over the function of the wooden beams and are also placed according to the pitch size.

Why must the wooden beams or flooring sleepers be placed according to a calculated pitch size?


The timbers used as flooring sleepers should be sound, peeled, parallel trimmed at two sides, preferably treated with wood preservative and have a height of at least 100 mm.

Figure 15

Cross sections of flooring sleepers

(1) square sleeper
(2) sleeper parallel cut at two sides, symmetrical
(3) sleeper parallel cut at two sides, asymmetrical

The wide face of the flooring sleepers is to be used as bearing surface so as to ensure good and immovable bearing. This is of special importance if slag is to be placed between the flooring sleepers as sound and heat-insulating material.

Figure 16

Functional position of flooring sleepers

(1) wrong position
(2) correct position

1 sleepers, 2 substructure (packing at bottom), 3 slag, 4 pin nail

What would happen to the flooring sleepers when the slag is placed and compacted, if this is not taken into account?


The substructure (packing at the bottom) of the sleepers consists of hardwood wedges or other material.

The top surface of the sleepers is to be exactly levelled by means of a level board.

The substructure is to be secured against displacement by pins. A barrier layer (barrier cardboard) is to be placed between the solid ceiling and sleepers or wooden substructure, respectively.

Figure 17

Substructure of flooring sleepers

(1) wooden packing
(2) stone-slab packing
(3) packing by even bed of mortar

Why is a barrier layer to be placed?