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close this bookManufacture of Ceilings - Course: Timberwork techniques. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 22 p.)
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2. The Wooden Beam Ceiling

The wooden beam ceiling is a typical beam ceiling.

The supporting structure (the bare ceiling) consists of wooden beams (or joists) placed over a room with a calculated pitch size (spacing).

The infilling (strut members) between the wooden beams depends on the purpose of the building.

Figure 3

Construction of a wooden beam ceiling, depending on the use of the building

(1) wooden beam ceiling with top ceiling only

(2) wooden beam ceiling with top ceiling and subceiling (protection against trickling matter)

(3) wooden beam ceiling with sound and heat insulation

(4) wooden beam ceiling with heat insulation only

The infilling of a heat-insulating wooden beam ceiling differs from that of a sound-insulating ceiling.

A wooden beam ceiling, which shall neither be heat-insulating nor sound-insulating, has no infilling at all.

Figure 4

Components of a wooden beam ceiling with infilling

1 wooden beam, 2 (open-nail) flooring, 3 beam strip, 4 dead floor - laggings - (peeled, trimmed slabs; joints filled with clay), 5 slag (sound and heat insulation), 6 additional rafters (distance about 500 mm), 7 woodwool board, 8 ceiling plaster

Figure 4 shows the infilling of a sound-insulating and heat-insulating wooden beam ceiling.

The structural components of bare ceiling, top ceiling and subceiling described therein need not exist with any wooden beam ceiling.

Why need any wooden beam ceiling not consist of such structural components?


Which structural components must any wooden beam ceiling consist of?


If a wooden beam ceiling is to be protected against trickling matter only, the subceiling (protection against trickling matter) may be made of boards planed on one side, of particle board or other material.

Which rooms require protection against trickling matter?