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Sowing the seeds in seed beds

9. Preparing the seed plot

Choose a small plot, quite flat, with light and rich soil. It is best to prepare a plot which is near a small stream, because watering will be easier.

Till the soil fairly deeply, to more than 30 centimetres. Break all the lumps of earth so that you get a fine filth.

Put in some old, well- decomposed manure, to make the soil contain more humus.

10. Sowing

Make beds of soil 1.2 metres wide.

Leave a little path of 60 centimetres between one bed and the next, so that you can walk between the beds.

Take a piece of string and mark out little furrows in each bed.

Leave 8 centimetres between one furrow and the next. Sow your seeds in each furrow, leaving 4 centimetres between one seed and the next.

Seed beds

Do not push the seed in too deeply, otherwise it will not have enough air. Put the beans in flat, with the groove downward.