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Suggested question paper


Pimento and gumbo are leaf vegetables

Yes or No

The market gardener should buy selected seeds every year

Yes or No

The vegetable garden should be as far as possible from the house

Yes or No

Thinning out weakens the vegetables

Yes or No

A good market gardener should add well-decomposed manure to the soil of his vegetable garden

Yes or No

Well-packed vegetables do not sell well

Yes or No


When somebody grows ................ mainly for his family to eat, this is called ...............
Vegetables add to the diet many .......... and above all many ........
If the field is on a slope, lay out the.........across the slope.
To prevent a disease attacking all the plants in the vegetable garden, the farmer must .........and ............ all the diseased plants.
Snails ............the stems and leaves of vegetables: they must be .........often.


What is the purpose of crop rotation?

Why must the soil be well tilled before sowing?
What is a nursery bed? Name two vegetables which have to be sown first in nursery beds.

Why is frequent cultivating necessary?

Why is it necessary to mulch the soil and to make shelters for the vegetables in the vegetable garden?

Describe how to disinfect the soil of a vegetable bed.

What should you do when you see snails and insects on the vegetables in your vegetable garden?

By what means can you improve the fertility of the soil in your vegetable garden?

Have you tried to make compost for enriching the soil of your vegetable garden? Describe how you did it.

Make drawings to explain better.