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Filling your pond with water

9. Dig a small ditch from the water source to the inlet to bring the water to your new pond.

Dig a small ditch

10. Let the water run into the pond until it reaches the level of the overflow pipe on the inside of the pond.

Overflow level

11. If your inlet pipe is about 10 centimetres in diameter, you will need about half a day to fill your pond.

12. When the water reaches the level of the overflow pipe it will be about 60 centimetres deep at the shallow upper part of the pond and about 90 centimetres deep at the deepest part.

Overflow pipe level

13. Now you are ready to fertilize the water in your pond.

14. Build a crib from bamboo or wood to held the fertilizer as you did with your first small pond. Build it in one corner in the shallow part of the pond. The drawing below will show you how.

Build a crib from bamboo