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When is your pond ready?

23. If you fertilize your pond with animal compost or animal manure, the water will start to turn green in two or three days. If you fertilize your pond with plant compost or plant material, it will take one week or longer.

29. When the water begins to turn green, you will know that natural food is growing in your pond. It will take about a week to become green enough.

30. You can make a simple test to be sure that the water is green enough. Put your arm in the water up to your elbow. If you are just able to see the ends of your fingers, the water is green enough.

Test the green water

31. To keep the water green, put fertilizer In the crib every week. It you see mat the water Is losing its green colour, put a little more fertilizer in and stir it to break it up.

Keep the water green