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Taking care of your fish

105. You must take very good care of your fish. Watch them carefully to see that they are healthy and swimming strongly.

106. If you find any dead fish floating in your pond, take them out right away and change some of the water in your pond.

Dead fish

107. To do this, open the inlet and let in some new clean water. The old water will drain out of the pond at the overflow. Do this for 2 or 3 hours each day for several days until you see that your fish are well.

108. If the weather is too hot, it you feed your fish too much, or if you put too much fertilizer into the pond, there may be too little air in the water for your fish to breathe.

109. If you see your fish coming to the surface gasping for air, give them less food and do not put any fertilizer into your pond for several weeks.

Fish gasping for air

110. Put more air into the water of your pond by changing some of the water for several days, as you did in Item 107 in this booklet.

111. When you let new water into the pond, let it in quickly so that it will come with a splash and bring more air into the water. This will help your fish to breathe easily.

Let water in with a splash

112. If you see any other things wrong with your fish that you do not understand, stop feeding them and stop putting fertilizer into the pond. Then change some of the water in your pond every day for several days, as you did in Item 107 in this booklet.

113. After several days if your fish are still not well, if they are not eating well or gasping for air or are not swimming strongly, ask your extension agent or your fish culture station for help.