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Germinating seeds in the germinator

To do this, you have to:

· make the germinator;
· choose the seeds;
· put the seeds in the germinator.

· Making the germinator

A germinator is the place where you sow the seeds to make therm germinate.

To make a germinator you must choose ground that is quite flat, that has no vegetable refuse on it; you must choose a spot that can be easily watered.

Make beds 1 metre wide.
Each bed is edged with planks, so as to make a box.
Into each box put sand to a depth of 10 centimetres.

Cover the germinator with a roof made of straw.

The roof must be at least 1 metre above ground, so that you can get underneath it to put the seeds to germinate.

The roof

· Choosing the seeds

To get good seeds, it is best to ask for them at a seed selection centre.

The seeds must be put in the germinator as soon as they have been harvested for they very quickly become unable to germinate.

When you put the seeds in the germinator, you must look to see if each seed is shiny and bright. If is not, do not put it in, because it will not germinate.

· Putting the seeds in the germinator

Push the seed half way into the sand, with the rounded side of the seed uppermost.

Push the seed half way into the sand

Put the seeds close together, side by side, and water them.

To make a plantation of 1 hectare, with 625 trees, you must put 1 700 seeds to germinate. So you must have a germinator 1.7 metres long and 1 metre wide.

A week later the seed has germinated, and the rootlet is about 2 centimetres long.

This is the time to take the seeds out of the germinator and put them in the nursery.

Putting the germinated seeds in the nursery

The nursery is the place where you put the germinated seeds so that they will grow into young rubber trees.

· The soil of the nursery must be well prepared

Choose a spot that is easy to water.

Grub up all trees.
A few days before planting the germinated seeds remove all vegetable refuse.
The soil must be tilled by hand very deeply, to at least 60 centimetres, with a hoe.
Then the soil must be levelled and harrowed to break up clods.

This is how the nursery is made ready for the germinated seeds.