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How to look after sheep and goats

Vaccinate animals before they are ill.

Vaccination protects a child from disease; you do not wait for the child to be ill.

In the same way, vaccination protects an animal from disease; do not wait for the animal to be ill.

Vaccination tires animals a little, but it is not dangerous if they are well fed and well housed.

There will be fewer diseases if the animals are well fed and kept really clean.

Parasites are the worst problem in sheep and goat breeding.

Protect animals from parasites. Give them clean water to drink. Do not leave the flock near streams. Do not keep more than 20 animals together. Parasites and contagious diseases multiply in big flocks.

A diseased animal gives the disease to all the flock.

Take special care with the young ones and mothers; they are the most delicate.