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Infectious diseases


This is a serious disease of lambs.

They should be vaccinated to protect them against it.


This disease infects all animals and man.

Vaccination beforehand is needed, otherwise all the animals die.

Animals that die of this disease must be burned. The blood of the dead animal is black.

People must not eat the meat of animals with anthrax because they can catch the disease and die.

The animal husbandry service must be informed.

Foot- rot

The horny parts of the foot are destroyed and the animals limp.

The animals can be cured in the following way: dig a little ditch at the door of the shed, and fill the ditch with water and an antiseptic such as formally in the correct proportion. Then make the animals walk through the water. Their feet will heal up.

Foot- and- mouth disease and sheep- pox

The animals will not catch these two diseases if they are vaccinated beforehand.

Do not put the animals in marshy pastures or in dirty sheds. The sheds must be cleaned out. This is where diseases and parasites live.