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Series preface

This booklet concerns what parents can do to help their children do well in school. It has been prepared for inclusion in the Educational Practices Series developed by the International Academy of Education and distributed by the International Bureau of Education and the Academy. One mission of the International Academy of Education is to foster scholarly excellence in all fields of education. As part of this mission, the Academy provides timely syntheses of research on educational topics of international importance. This booklet focuses on parents - the child’s first and most powerful teachers. The author is Sam Redding, who is executive director of the Academic Development Institute and editor of the School community journal. The academy is grateful to Dr. Redding for planning, drafting and revising this booklet. Dr. Redding wishes to thank Erik De Corte, Young-Joo Kim and Herbert Walberg for their comments on previous drafts of the booklet.

The author is Sam Redding, who is president of the Academic Development Institute, director of the Family Education Center, and executive editor of The school community journal. Dr. Redding is also a senior research associate of the Laboratory for Student Success at Temple University, Philadelphia. His writing includes research on families, schools and communities, as well as practical curricula for parent education programmes and leadership manuals for site-based teams. He received the Ben Hubbard Leadership Award for service to public education from Illinois State University, where he received his doctorate.

The officers of the International Academy of Education are aware that this booklet is based on research carried out primarily in economically advanced countries. The booklet, however, focuses on aspects of learning that appear to be universal in much formal schooling and thus seem likely to be generally applicable throughout the world. Even so, the principles need to be assessed with reference to local conditions, and adapted accordingly. In any educational setting, guidelines for practice require sensitive and sensible application and continuing evaluation of their effectiveness.

Editor, Educational Practices Series,
University of Illinois at Chicago