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An independent surveyor is a disinterested third party who observes the discharge of food from a ship at the port. The surveyor prepares a report called a discharge (ex-tackle) survey which documents the condition of the food, amount delivered against the bill of lading, and the cause and nature of any shortages or damages to the food while it is in the control of the shipping company.

When there is a Through Bill of Lading, an independent surveyor carries out the survey at the time the shipping company transfers custody of the food to CARE or its counterpart at a designated warehouse.

An independent surveyor should also be used when food has been stored in a port warehouse for later dispatch to a CARE or a counterpart warehouse or directly to a distribution site. In this case the survey report is called a Delivery Survey Report. Delivery surveys are primarily used to fix responsibility for losses during the period of time food is in the custody of the port and in transit to an inland warehouse.

The surveyor must know how to insure that food moves through the port with the fewest possible losses and, when losses do occur, what to include in a survey report in order to substantiate a claim against a shipping company or port.

If an independent surveyor cannot be located or if there is reason to question the integrity or competency of a surveyor in the area, the country office must consult with the donor to determine how to document marine or port storage losses. Any agreements between CARE and the donor should be in writing, and the country office should immediately inform CARE-USA Headquarters Procurement Office of all arrangements.

In addition to ex-tackle and dispatch surveys, some surveyors can also perform clearing and forwarding activities. Some even have lab facilities to test food suspected of being unfit for human consumption. The types and quality of services offered by surveyors must be examined by each country office and contracts must be drawn up detailing the specific responsibilities expected of the surveying company.