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close this bookJournal of the Network of African Countries on Local Building Materials and Technologies - Volume 1, Number 3 (HABITAT, 1991, 46 p.)
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Workshop on Building Maintenance Strategy, Nairobi, Kenya, 13-14 March 1991

The two-day National Workshop was organized by UNCHS (Habitat) in collaboration with the Ministry of Lands and Housing, the Ministry of Public Works, and the Housing Research and Development Unit, University of Nairobi, and was held at UNCHS (Habitat) Headquarters in Nairobi. The Workshop was attended by government officials, representatives of financial institutions and public agencies responsible for building construction and maintenance work. An assessment of current building-maintenance policies, practices and constraints in Kenya provided an occasion to decision-makers, local real-estate managers, and professionals to review various alternatives and search for new leads with a view to improving maintenance practice both in the public and the private sectors.

Workshop on Building Maintenance Strategy, Bombay, India, 5-6 April 1991

The National Workshop was organized by UNCHS (Habitat) in cooperation with the Public Works Department and the Housing and Special Assistance Department of the Government of Maharashtra and the Institution of Engineers (India), Maharashtra State Centre. The Workshop brought together high-level officials from Central and State Governments, public and private agencies responsible for building maintenance, financial institutions, housing cooperatives and professionals. The Workshop provided a fresh appraisal of the Indian experience in building maintenance, particularly the diversity of approach in different regions and under different contexts, thus, providing an opportunity to decision-makers and building managers to review their options and seek new initiatives. It also provided an insight into what constitutes economically viable and socially acceptable options that could be of interest to other developing countries grappling with problems of building maintenance.

International Workshop on Building Maintenance Strategy, Assenovgrad, Bulgaria, 5-6 June 1991

The Workshop was organized by UNCHS (Habitat) in co operation with the International Academy of Architecture at Santo Kiriko, Assenovgrad, Bulgaria Senior policy-level and management officials, representatives of local authorities, academic institutions and professional bodies, drawn from eight countries of Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, attended. The International Workshop followed three national workshops organized by UNCHS (Habitat), one in Singapore (September 1990), one in Nairobi, Kenya (March 1991), and the other in Bombay, India (April 1991), where the collective experience in building maintenance in these countries was documented, particularly in the areas of government policies and legislation, financial, institutional and technological requirements, problems and constraints. The International Workshop permitted the participants to analyse the varied experiences of India, Kenya and Singapore, and to identify the positive features of these experiences which can be replicated in other countries.

Regional Workshop on Improved Small-scale Lime Production in Central America, San Jose, Costa Rica, 1-4 July 1991

The Workshop was organized by UNCHS (Habitat) and Appropriate Technology International (ATI), in collaboration with the Costa Rican Institute of Technology (ITCR) and the Costa Rican Technological Foundation (FUNDATEC). Participants from Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama attended. They studied recent work carried out in Costa Rica on improvement of lime manufacturing methods for small-scale producers which has focused, primarily, on introducing modifications in traditional lime kilns designed to upgrade their thermal efficiency and productivity, as well as developing quality-control standards. Workshop participants had an opportunity to recognize the positive features of that experience for replication in their own countries.