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Visiting card

Groupe Energies Renouvelabes

Attn. A. Guinebault
73 Avenue Corot
F-13013 Marseille
Tel. (+ 33) 91709293
Fax (+ 33) 910619 46
GERES (Renewable Energy Group) is a private French organization made up of scientists, industrialists and promoters in the fields of energy and environment Its activities range from advice and technical assistance to innovation and implementation of operations.

Taking environmental and socio-economic matters into account

As a non-governmental organization, GERES operates in developing countries in India, Africa and Central America, identifying, evaluating and setting up development projects both technically and financially.

As an innovation development group, GERES helps promote the economic development of European professionals (consultancy companies, small and medium-size businesses), particularly in southeastern France, by organizing the export of know-how and products to Mediterranean countries (southern Europe and North Africa).

Both in France and elsewhere, GERES also provides technical advice to local authorities and public or private services, assisting them in working out their development strategies and setting up pilot projects.

In order to promote both energy and environmental management, GERES acts as the centre of a network of know-how and skills, and plays a leading role in communication and training. It has also issued numerous publications.

Adaptability and efficiency

With its network of international contacts GERES can either intervene itself or mobilize experts in a given field. Its team of graduate engineers manages complete projects, from the identification of needs and new markets (the socio-economic aspects) to the development of appropriate products (the technical aspects).

GERES also develops major economic programmes, in which its main technical and financial partners include the French Agency for Energy Management (AFME), French and foreign ministries, local authorities, The Commission of the European Communities, international organizations (UNICEF, FAO, UNDP, WHO), NGOs, professional organizations and universities.

Wide-ranging competence

GERES has acquired and developed competence in numerous fields, ranging from energy management to environmental matters, including in particular:

· small-scale industries, offices, public buildings: rational use of energy, energy saving, heating, air conditioning

· housing and domestic needs: cooking, firewood, solar air and water heating, bio-conditioning, air conditioning, food preservation

· agriculture and cattle-raising: product processing, diesel and water powered mills, drying, greenhouses, waste utilization

· water: desalination, pumping with photovoltaic and wind energy

· rural electrification: pre-electrification programmes, micro-hydropower, aerogenerators, photovoltaic plants, generators, energy storage, lighting, audiovisual aids

· health: hot water, electrification, vaccine preservation, sterilization

· transport: conversion of vehicles to methane (biogas or NGV)

· urban waste: collection and treatment of household waste, waste water plants, landfills, waste utilization, methanization

· pollution: air quality, waste treatment

· development: studies of socioeconomic needs, market analyses, product development, technology transfer, setting up of cooperation programmes.

GERES also has a large documentation library.