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“A need is a discrepancy or deficiency between what is and what ought to be”

One of the most important steps in the training process is the establishment of the training needs. In using this term we are implying that there are weaknesses somewhere in the system which demand strengthening by means of training in some form or other. It is common to define a training need as the gap between the requirements of a job and the present skills of the incumbent However, the definition should not be confined to the individual, although in the last analysis satisfaction of the needs will have to be carried out through individuals. The whole disaster management system in a country, individual institutions and organisations may equally have shortcomings and needs which need to be examined and reduced, even eliminated. This includes establishing whether the organisational structures and capabilities are right to meet the challenges of the future and identifying the needs which arise in the various functions throughout the system.

In order to be able to measure the gap at all levels which has to be closed by training, it is necessary to address the following issues:

· why do we need to assess needs?
· what do we assess?
· how needs are assessed?