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General information


Special Programme 1992

Progress report as of 2 October: The 1992 Special Programme provides for the delivery of 800 000 tonnes of cereal equivalent, additional to the annual food aid programme. It has a budget of ECU 220 million. There has been significant progress in implementing the programme in recent months. By 2 October, 92.9% of the aid had been mobilised with some 322000 tonnes destined for East Africa, 344000 tonnes for Southern Africa and 77000 tonnes for certain Asian and Latin American countries.

Former Yugoslavia

The Council has adopted the regulation providing for urgent action to make food supplies available to the victims of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. This will cost ECU 37.5 million and the supplies will be obtained either from intervention stocks or from the open market.

The Commission recently took the following food aid decision.

WFP: ECU 30.5 million for cereals (60 000 tonnes), powdered, skimmed milk (6000 tonnes), butteroil (1000 tonnes) and vegetable oil (5000 tonnes).


The Commission has recently taken the following emergency aid decisions (including aid to refugees).


Mozambique: 15 000 tonnes of cereal equivalent, in the form of seed, (channelled through the International Committee of the Red Cross); 15 000 tonnes of cereal equivalent (direct aid).

UNWRA: 357 tonnes of powdered milk, or substitutes, 116 tonnes of vegetable oil and ECU 530000 for the purchase of other products.

UNHCR: 77 tonnes of powdered milk for Somali refugees in Yemen.

Somalia: 10 000 tonnes of cereals channelled through the ICRC.


Angola: ECU 2 million as a contribution to the work of humanitarian organisations working with Angolan returnees and people affected by the conflict and the measles epidemic.

Ethiopia: ECU 750000 for drought victims in Eritrea.

Somalia: ECU 20 million as a contribution to the aid programmes of humanitarian organisations working with people affected by the conflict and the drought.

Nicaragua: ECU 250000 project finance for victims of the recent earthquake and subsequent tidal wave.

Afghanistan: ECU I million for displaced persons and refugees.

Azerbaijan: ECU 500 000 (channelled through Mcins sans Frontis) for victims of the internal troubles in Nagorno-Karabak and Azerbaijan.

Bangladesh: ECU 320 000, following the influx of Rohingya refugees, to promote food production and encourage afforestation.

ECU 200000 to improve the food and hygiene situation of Rohingya refugees.

ECU 240 000 for a sanitation project for Rohingya refugees.

ECU 850 000, channelled through MSF (Netherlands) for care and maintenance of Rohingya refugees.

ECU 230 000, channelled through Terre des Hommes for care and maintenance of Rohingya refugees in the Cox's Bazar area.

Afghanistan: ECU 500 000 for a mine clearance programme in the Shomali Valley.

ECU 1.9 million for an integrated rural development project in south-west Afghanistan.

ECU 2 million for mine clearance projects for Ningarhar and Kundur.

ECU I million for rural rehabilitation projects.

ECU 200 000 for technical assistance to the World Health Organisation.

ECU 500000 for mine awareness programmes.

ECU I 550 000 for a mine clearance project for Western Afghanistan.

Thailand: ECU 1.8 million for care and maintenance (health, nutrition and shelter) of Lao and Vietnamese refugees.

Hong Kong: ECU 2 million, channelled through the UNHCR, for care and maintenance (health and nutrition) of refugees from Vietnam.

Pakistan: ECU 500 000 for an endemic disease control and prevention programme for Afghan refugees and displaced persons.

Guatemalan refugees: ECU 420 000 to improve the self-sufficiency of Guatemalan refugees in Mexico.

Pakistan: ECU 250 000 to help alleviate the effects of the floods.

Philippines: ECU 500 000 to help meet the needs of 50 000 people living in camps following the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, and to help avoid the risk of epidemics.


Asean: ECU 6.5 million for an EC-Asean programme for patents and registered trademarks.

Bhutan: ECU 3.5 million for the cultivation of medicinal plants for traditional medicine.

Central American region: ECU 43.5 million to create a trust fund for promoting the export capacity of Central America.

Pakistan: ECU 5.4 million for a development education institute.