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close this bookThe Courier N 127 May - June 1991- Dossier 'New' ACP Export Products - Country Reports Cape Verde - Namibia (EC Courier, 1991, 104 p.)
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Usually referred to as ‘Mr Africa’, Edward Kim’ Jaycox is the World Bank’s Vice-President for the Africa Region. He is not known to mince his words, and brings his ideas forward in a no-nonsense, open and frank way. In an interview with The Courier, he assesses structural adjustment and some of its consequences. He also declares that ‘the situation in Africa looks much better today than it has in a long time.

ACP-EEC - Joint Assembly in Uganda

Uganda hosted its first major international conference for many years when the ACP-EEC Joint Assembly met in Kampala at the end of February. The highlights included a sparkling presentation by President Museveni, an emotional debate on the effects of the Gulf conflict and a wide-ranging and sombre discussion of the AIDS crisis.


CAPE VERDE: At the beginning of the year, while the Gulf War was raging, the small island country of Cape Verde, situated off the coast of West Africa was making history. It achieved the first political changeover in Africa resulting from the ballot box since the wind of democracy started blowing from Eastern Europe. How did this happen? Who are the new leaders and what are the main elements of their programme?

NAMIBIA: In March 1990, Namibia finally joined the international community of nations, after decades of South African occupation. In this issue, we look at developments in the ACP group’s newest Member State and at the challenges facing an infant democracy as it seeks to overcome a legacy of economic and racial division.

DOSSIER: ‘New’ ACP exports products

As the slump continues in the prices of ACP traditional comodities, a number of countries are turning, with increasing success, to ‘new’ export products. How are they doing it? Our dossier examines this trend as a possible pointer to the future for the majority of ACP States.