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Because the International Coffee Agreement does not allow producing countries to add to their coffee plantations, the grower cannot make new plantations.

But he can replant his old plantations which do not produce much.

4. The grower can ask the local advisory service for help in buying:

· either selected seeds of good quality which he first sows in a seed bed, then transplants into a nursery bed, and finally plants In the plantation;

· or seedlings of good quality, which have been grown in a seed bed and a nursery bed, and which the grower plants directly in his plantation.

5. Some growers have no advisory service nearby. They can nevertheless make good coffee plantations by

· choosing their own seeds,

· sowing their seeds in seed beds,

· transplanting the young seedlings into nursery beds, and later planting out the seedlings in the plantation.

B. Seed bed is the name for the place where the seeds are sown to make them germinate.

Seedling is the name for the young plants that have grown in the seed bed.

Nursery bed is the name for the place to which seedlings are transplanted.