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71. Some beans are picked when they are green, and both pods and seeds are eaten.

The first green beans are ready for picking about 11 weeks after sowing. Picking green beans means a lot of work.

The pods must be picked every day. If you do not pick the ripe pods every day, they become hard and are not nice to eat.

If you do not pick the ripe pods every day, no new pods will form, and the harvest will be less plentiful.

Green beans

Green beans can be picked for about a month.

It is best to pick green beans early in the morning, or late in the evening. When picking the ripe pods be careful not to damage the young pods which are forming.

Green beans do not keep. They must be either eaten or sold the same day you pick them or the day after.

72. Some beans are picked when the seeds have grown quite large, but the pods are still green. These are called fresh beans.

Only the seeds are eaten, not the pods.

Fresh beans are ready for picking about three months after sowing.

Pick fresh beans once a week.

Do not wait too long, otherwise the seeds become too hard.

Fresh beans do not keep long. They must be eaten or sold shortly after picking.

73. Some beans are picked dry.

Only the seeds are eaten.

Dry beans are picked only when the pods are quite yellow.

But do not wait for the pods to open, otherwise the seeds drop.

Picking dry beans is easy. Pull up the whole plant by hand.

Pile the plants in little heaps on the beds. Leave them to dry in the sun. When they are quite dry, put them in the barn.
The beans keep better if you leave them in the pods. Take the beans out of the pods only at the moment when you want to eat or sell them.