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Machines and animal power are very useful in growing groundnuts

Groundnuts are a crop that needs a lot of work. Cultivating, sowing, lifting all take a lot of time.

50. With machines and animals, you can work faster and better.

- With the plough you can turn over the soil better, and you will not be late for sowing.

- With a hoe or a seed drill sowing is done more quickly. You can get all your seeds sown while the soil is still damp. You can sow your seeds at the right distance from each other so they will grow at a good density.

If you spend too much time sowing, the last seeds you sow do not have time to ripen.

- By sowing in rows with the help of a seed drill you can cultivate with an animal- drawn hoe.

The weeds will not take nourishment away from the groundnuts.

- With a lifting plough, you can lift your crop better; the soil will not get hard before you finish.

- With a tractor 811 the work is easier.

If you know how to Improve the soil by a good rotation, by looking after the groundnut crop well;

If you can come to an agreement with your neighbours, to put the fields under groundnuts next to each other, to join in cooperatives and make joint credit applications;

If you can learn to keep accounts and to work out how much you spend and how much you earn;

Than you will know whether you and your neighbours together can afford to buy a tractor, and so earn more money after paying for the machines, the petrol, the oil, the necessary repairs and all other expenses.