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Taking care of your pond

32. You must take very good care of your pond. Items 84 to 90, in Booklet No. 27, will tell you some important ways to care for your pond.

33. Here are some more ways to take care of your pond.

34. Do not let large animals such as cows, buffalo, horses or donkeys graze on the banks of your pond. They are too heavy and may break the banks down.

Not let large animals on the banks

35. You may let small animals such as goats and sheep graze on the banks.

36. Do not use your pond, your pond water source or your water supply ditch for bathing, or washing clothes, dishes or cooking pots.

Not use the pond for bathing

37. Do not plant big trees near your pond. If there are already big trees there, cut any branches that hang over the pond. The water in your pond may not turn green enough if your pond is in the shade.

Not plant big trees near the pond