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1. You have built the new bigger pond described in Booklet No. 29, Better freshwater fish farming: the pond.

The pond

2. Before you let the water into your new pond, there are a few things that you must do.

3. Make sure that the screens on the inlet, outlet and overflow are in place and tight.


4. Make sure that the outlet is tightly closed. To do this, wrap a wood plug with old cloth, put it in the outlet pipe on the outside of the pond and tap it lightly with a hammer so that it will stay in the pipe when the pond fills with water.

Wrap a wood plug with cloth

5. If you have built a better outlet with a T or an L piece (see Booklet No. 29, Items 97 to 101), turn it to the upright position.

Figure Turn the L or T piece in the upright position

6. Put rocks on the bottom of your pond under the inlet where the water will fall when it begins to come into the pond.


7. This will keep the bottom from washing away. It will keep the water from getting too muddy. It will make the water splash when it first comes into the pond and bring air for the fish to breathe.

8. Now you are ready to fill your pond.