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Feeding your snails other kinds of food

175. There are a number of reasons for giving your snails other kinds of food. Here are a few

· when you have not planted the right kinds of food plants
· when you have too many snails for the number of food plants that you have planted
· when most of the food plants in the pen have been eaten by the snails

176. If you decide for any of these reasons that you must give your snails other kinds of food, here are some foods that snails like to eat

· the outside leaves of vegetables such as cabbage or cauliflower
· the tops of vegetables such as carrots or beets
· ripe banana fruit
· most waste fruit and vegetables
· cut- up papaya, melon or squash

Food snails eat

177. There are many other foods that snails like to eat. If you have some food that you think might be good, try it with your snails and see if they like it.

178. If your snails are not eating their food plants well, you also can try some others. Cut pieces from the plant that you want to try and put them in the pen.

179. If you see that your snails like the new food plants better, you can use these plants when you build the second pen.