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close this bookEnding Malnutrition by 2020: An Agenda for Change in the Millennium - Final report to the ACC/SCN by the commission on the nutrition challenges of the 21st century (ACC/SCN, 2000, 104 p.)
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Annex 2: Existing Nutrition Goals which Should be Maintained, Developed or Refined

World Summit for Children 1990:

reduce undernutrition among children under five to half of the 1990 rate by the year 2000

reduce rate of low birthweight to less than 10%

reduce iron deficiency anaemia in women by one-third of 1990 levels

eliminate vitamin A deficiency by 2000

virtual elimination of Iodine Deficiency Disease (IDD) by 2000

empower women to breast-feed their children for the first four to six months of life and to continue breast-feeding into the second year

institutionalize growth monitoring and promotion in all countries

disseminate knowledge and supporting services to increase food production and ensure household food security.

International Conference for Nutrition 1992: Elimination of death from famine

World Food Summit 1996: Reduction in the number of food insecure people to half the present (1996) level by 2015

OECD Development Assistance Committee 1996: Reduce by half the proportion of people living in extreme poverty by 2015

Human Development Report 1992: 20% of government budgets and 20% of donor aid budgets to go to basic social services, the 20/20 Initiative