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APICA - Association for the promotion of African Community Initiatives

APICA (Association pour la Promotion des Initiatives Communautaires Africaines) is an organization that supports home-grown development activities or Local Development Initiatives - LDls. This support is offered through national and international NGOs and technical services which are known as LDI Support Bodies - LDISB. APICA seeks to improve the support LDISBs give to LDIs, with which they are involved, by helping to resolve their technical, leadership, funding and administrative problems.

Apart from training-related activities, APICA also carries out research and studies on development issues, and, in the technological field, develops equipment prototypes.

In the field of information and exchange, APICA has two main instruments:

- the magazine African Communities, which comes out three times a year. This is an essential means of communication for APICA, containing as it does sections on development activities; technologies; job creation schemes; health issues past and present; recipes; and practical hints. APICA's priority now is to make sure this interesting magazine gets distributed in rural areas.

- the Douala Documentation Centre in Cameroon, which could be called a sort of "information processing plant", turning theoretical knowledge into practical help for potential users. Many books are registered there, and the Centre acquires new ones each year for the "bookshop" and prepares the files called "experience storage rooms", which are records on how certain experiments or projects were carried out. The Documentation Service, whose mission is to disseminate information, replies to questions, receives visitors, and arranges the sale of books on a sale or return basis in various regions of Cameroon.

One of the Centre's current activities is research on the use of national languages in extension work for development.

APICA, 8P 5946
Douala Akwa - CAMEROON