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View the documentSpin-offs for people and nature - Chances and perspectives of organic cotton cultivation and ecotextiles
View the documentTo promote organic cotton growing - Two campaigns aim at reducing the use of pesticides
View the documentThere is no recipe - Methods and conditions of organic cotton projects in Asia and Africa
View the documentThe case of Peru: The native cotton project
View the documentCultivation and processing - Comparison of cost-building in organic and conventional cotton
View the documentA suitabIe option- Utilisation of mass-produced bioagents in cotton protection
View the documentIt is not always easy to go ''organic'' - Protrade offers marketing advice to initiatives and companies in the south
View the documentIntegrating economy and ecology - Eco-textiles on the way from a niche market to a mass market
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View the documentSmaIl amounts for good ideas - Small scale project fund assists 250 projects in ten years
View the documentLearning instead of teaching - Reactivated traditional knowledge makes experts into students
View the documentImplementing the UN FCCC - Results of the german support programme
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GATE/GTZ: Postbox 5180, D-65726 Eschborn. Pubilications with ISBN. Number may be ordered directly from: Friedr. Vieweg & Sohn GmbH, P.O.Box 300944, D-51338 Leverkusen, Germany.

Ulrich Graf: Low Cost Gasifiers for Rural Energy Supply.
GATE/Vieweg, Braunschweig 1994, 48 pp., DM 12,80, ISBN 3-528-02076-8.

Gasification technology can play an important part in the near future, if it is seen in a contgext with a more efficient use of biomass and a reduction of CO2-emissions.

Albrecht Kaupp/John R. Goss: Small Scale Gas Producer-Engine Systems
GATE/Vieweg, Braunschweig 1994, 278 pp., DM 56,00, ISBN 3-528-02001-6

Based on a broad analysis of roughly 600 papers, and a survey of over 400 institutions, government agencies and individuals in 63 countriey, this book gives a comprehensive overview of all aspects of gasification of many biomass fuels.

Tim Jones: The Basics of Brick Kiln Technology.
GATE/Vieweg, Braunschweig 1996, 36 pp., DM 19,80, ISBN 3-528-02085-7

The kilns covered in this booklet represent the various stages in a progression of brick firing technology that continues to strive for greater fuel efficiency, reduced wastage and ease of operation.