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close this bookAIDS Resource Manual - A Guide for Teaching about AIDS in Thailand (Peace Corps, 1993, 83 p.)
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close this folderSection I - Basic facts about AIDS
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View the documentTransmission, prevention and cure · Q & A
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close this folderSection II - Teaching about AIDS
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View the documentInstructions for cleaning IV drug works
close this folderSection III - Games and activities
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View the documentActivity 5: Take a stand
View the documentActivity 6: Condom time bomb
View the documentActivity 7: Other suggestions for activities with condoms
View the documentActivity 8: Shaking STD's
View the documentActivity 9: The immune system role play
View the documentActivity 10: ''I have AIDS'' - A role play
View the documentActivity 11: The AIDS risk game
View the documentActivity 12: AIDS problem situations
View the documentActivity 13: Eliminating barriers to individual AIDS prevention
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View the documentActivity 17: AIDS and ladders
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Peace Corps
Information Collection & Exchange

Peace Corps/Thailand

Printed with permission by
Peace Corps
Information Collection & Exchange

April 1993


Peace Corps' Information Collection & Exchange (ICE) was established so that the strategies and technologies developed by Peace Corps Volunteers, their co-workers and their counterparts could be made available to the wide range of development organizations and individual workers who might find them useful. Training guides, curricula, lesson plans, project reports, manuals and other Peace Corps-generated materials developed in the field are collected and reviewed. Some are reprinted "as is"; others provide a source of field based information for the production of manuals or for research in particular program areas. Materials that you submit to ICE thus become part of the Peace Corps' larger contribution to development.

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The Peace Corps of the United States of America is please to have the opportunity to participate in the education and awareness of the people of Thailand as both countries work together in the effort to overcome the threat of AIDS here. We are proud of this manual and hope it will by of assistance to you.

Ginny Kirkwood
Country Director
Peace Corps/Thailand