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Courses and meetings

Goats for Milk and Meat

Rosalee Sinn: Raising Goats for Milk and Meat. 5th Printing.

Heifer Project International, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, 1992. 140 pp. (Heifer Project International, P. O. Box 808, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203, USA).

The purpose of the training manual is to provide a guide to learning basic care and management of dairy goats. It is directed towards persons in rural development areas. Using the book the experience with and the observation of goats is important, because good management begins with basic knowledge and daily observation. Nevertheless most of the material in this manual is applicable regardless of location.

Soil Production

Carlo Ferruzzi: Manual de Lombricultura.

Ediciones Mundi-Prensa, Madrid, Spain, 1987. 138 pp. ISBN: X4-7114-161-2. (Ediciones Mundi-Prensa, Castello, 37, 28001 Madrid, Spain).

The book deals on nearly every aspect of the earthworm. The different chapters are about the animal itself, its handling, soil production, industrial potential, and enemies.

ISES Solar World Congress

23 - 27 August, 1993 Budapest, Hungary

The Congress is organized by the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), its Hungarian section and the Hungarian Solar Energy Society.

Details from:
Laszlo Imre, Technical University, 1521 BME Budapest, Hungary

The 3rd International IFOAM Conference Trade in organic Foods

7 - 9 September, 1993 Baltimore, USA Seminars, workshops and events focusing on issues in trade, marketing and distribution of organic foods. Sessions on international trade issues and regulations regarding organic trade in the European Community, North America, the Pacific Rim, Latin America.

Derails from: IFOAM c/o Okozentrum Imsbach D-6695 Tholey-Theley Germany Tel.: + 68535190 Fax: + 68530110

Biogas Technology

International Course 17 September - 22 October Olmotonyi, Arusha, Tanzania

The Centre for Agricultural Mechanization and Rural Technologies (CAMARTEC) in cooperation with the Special Energy Programme (SEP) of the German Agency for Technical Co-operation (GTZ) offer International Training Courses. The course contents: Introduction to Biogas Technology; plant design; the unit approach; the commercial/institutional plant socio-economic aspects; extension approach; site visits; site planing; construction of plants feeding on animal wastes; Construction of plants feeding on human wastes (Biolatrines); gas piping; operation and maintenance of plants; slurry utilization; after Sales services; contacts to potential customers. Invitations are extended to participants from Tanzania and all over the world where Biogas Technology is promoted or intended for promotion in the future. Language: English. Course fee 2,476 US-Dollars.

Derails from: Biogas Extension Service - CAMARTEC PO. Box 764, AR1USHA, TANZANIA Tel. No 057-8250, Fax No. 057-8250 WEEKDAYS After 16.00 HOURS, Telex: 42007 MAND

Renewable Energy - Clean Power 2001
17- 19 November London, UK

The International Conference will review the present position on renewable energy technologies, and will explore the policy aspects including the impact of electricity privatization, the value of increasing energy efficiency and financial implications. The Conference will cover the following topics: wind, tidal, medium and small scale hydro, wave power, geothermal, biomass and solar.

Derails from:
Conference Services IEE, Savoy Place London WC2R OBL, UK
Tel.: + 713445477
Fax: + 714973633

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