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close this bookJournal of the Network of African Countries on Local Building Materials and Technologies - Volume 1, Number 3 (HABITAT, 1991, 46 p.)
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View the documentMalawi: Production process, application and acceptance of fibre concrete roofing products*
View the documentNigeria: Natural-fibre Shwishcrete technology for low-cost roofs*
View the documentNigeria: Appraisal of coir-fibre cement-mortar composite for low-cost roofing purposes*
View the documentMalawi: Improved concrete roof tiles and roof-tile machines*
View the documentEast African roof thatching techniques being tested in India*
View the documentCorrugated roofing sheets from coir-waste or wood-wool and Portland cement*
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Publications review

Published by UNCHS (Habitat)

Co-operation in the African Region on Technologies and Standards for Local building Materials

This publication highlights the achievements of joint UNCHS (Habitat) and Commonwealth Science Council endeavours in the past few years in the development of standards and specifications for local building materials in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi.

35pp. HS/181/89E; ISBN 92-1-131104-7

Case Study of Women Block Makers in Kenya

The case study reviews the experiences in Kabiro and Dandora in Kenya on the production of low-cost building materials. It sets out to identify gender-specific constraints to small-scale building materials production and to generate a set of policies for eliminating such constraints.

19pp. HS/08/86-20E; ISBN 92-1-131046-6

Bibliography on Small-scale Building Materials Production

It is in response to the apparent gap in information dissemination on this important subject that this Bibliography has been prepared. It focuses on only those building materials which, the Centre's experiences suggest, are basic to the shelter needs of the majority of the population. Annotation for a selection of a few materials in the bibliography, considered to be of key importance to the subject, is included.

122p. HS/154/89; ISBN 92-1-131079-2

Development of the Construction Industry for Low-income Shelter and Infrastructure

It provides guidelines on tackling specific issues which limit the capacity to meet the construction requirements of the low-income population in developing countries.

44pp. HS/120/87; ISBN 92-1131045-8