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close this bookNGO Responses to HIV/AIDS In Asia (UNDP, 1992)
close this folderFACILITATORS' NOTE: FAMILY PLANNING AND AIDS PREVENTION - The Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand (PPAT)
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View the documentDiscussion Question 1: What factors facilitated the addition of HIV/AIDS interventions to PPAT's family planning programmes? What additional factors might influence the integration of HIV/AIDS programmes in your own country and why?
View the documentDiscussion Question 2: What were the strengths that PPAT brought to the implementation of HIV/AIDS prevention activities in Thailand?
View the documentDiscussion Question 3: What steps did PP AT take to try and ensure the effectiveness of their AIDS education programmes? What additional indicators might PPAT have used to evaluate this effectiveness?
View the documentDiscussion Question 4: What strategies were used by PPAT to help it maintain its effectiveness and to deal with the changes brought about by its decision to get involved in Thailand's fight against AIDS?
View the documentDiscussion Question 5: What strategies had PPAT used to finance its activities? What suggestions would you make to PPAT in relation to their future funding?

Discussion Question 2: What were the strengths that PPAT brought to the implementation of HIV/AIDS prevention activities in Thailand?

- PPAT was a well-established and well-respected Thai organisation, as evidenced by its 24-year history, the patronage of Her Royal Highness, the collaboration with Government agencies and the size of its volunteer network.

- PPAT had more than 7000 grass-roots and professional volunteers already active in promoting family planning information and services.

- PPAT already had extensive contacts with those communities which, for reasons of lifestyle, income levels, living and working conditions, might suffer disproportionately from HIV infection and yet might be the hardest for government services to reach and influence.

- As an integral part of its family planning education, counselling and services, PPAT staff already had experience of talking to clients about sexuality and sexual behaviour.

- Family planning clients represent those who are most in need of information about HIV protection.

- PPAT’s clinic services already included diagnosis and treatment of STDs, together with pre-marital counselling and check-ups. This gave them the opportunity to build HIV/AIDS information into their services.