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close this bookPoverty Alleviation Trough Micro and Small Enterprise Development in Cambodia - ILO/UNDP Project CMB/97/021 - Final Report (ILO - UNDP, 2000, 126 p.)
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close this folderPart A: Report from ILO mission (June 1999)
View the document1. Background and introduction to the SPPD report
View the document2. Employment and unemployment in Cambodia
View the document3. Government priorities, plans and capacities affecting the MSE sector
View the document4. Micro and small-scale enterprises in Cambodia
View the document5. Constraints on and opportunities for MSE development
View the document6. Rural entrepreneurship in Cambodia
View the document7. Credit for MSE development
View the document8. Vocational training, employment and MSE development
View the document9. Employment for former soldiers and refugees
close this folder10. Notes on some resource-based industrial sub-sectors15
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View the document(a) The brick-and-tile industry
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View the document11. The potential of business associations in private sector development
View the document12. Small scale enterprise and the tourist industry
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close this folderPart B: Situation Review 1997 (“stand alone” report)
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View the document1. Introduction and background
View the document2. Macro-economic framework for micro and small enterprise development in Cambodia
View the document3. Government priorities and plans
View the document4. Legislative, regulatory and incentive framework
View the document5. Brief description of stakeholders in MSE development in Cambodia
View the document6. Main externally assisted programmes for MSE development
View the document7. Constraints and opportunities at the enterprise level
View the document8. Conclusions and issues to be elaborated further
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View the documentANNEX 2: List of key persons met
View the documentPart C: ILO Recommendation 189 on SMEs (1998)


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