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Each section with the question lists follows the same format which is described here.

Chapter heading


Reference number (1.1. to 6.7.)

Notes on the keyword: Definition, notes, principles

Cartoon or drawing to help explain the keyword

The question list includes questions which need to be clarified before starting work on the topic concerned. Questions are classified according to the following criteria: schedule of the work, increasing practical nature, aim, means etc. The lists of questions are neither exhaustive nor final. They should be used selectively and supplemented by the reader.

Related keywords to indicate other sections in the Guidelines which will give more information (either in the question lists or the theoretical chapters).

Pointers to the GTZ manual refer to corresponding sections in the GTZ-Manual: Agricultural Extension, 1989. The pointers mention first the number of the page, (for volume 2 follows the number of the chapter) and then a short title of the chapter or secton..
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